Web Development and Programming Languages: What you Need to Know

From a student’s perspective, learning a new programming language is not just about knowing the syntax. It’s also about knowing the future scope of that particular language and how it will help you grow as a professional. With the ever growing interest in web development, we decided to put together everything you need to know about which languages play a vital role in this area, and where they stand among other languages.


  • HTML is a fundamental part of web development as it forms the foundation for countless other programming languages.
  • With HTML5’s improved functionalities, HTML has received a new lease of life in the world of web development.
  • HTML forms are instrumental for any and every website.
  • With tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop, the reliance on HTML has decreased. However if you want to code your own website HTML is still the only way forward.


  • CSS is essential for the designs that you put on your websites.
  • CSS governs the font sizes, colors, font texts, designs, divisions and other style details of your website.
  • While newer tools in CSS3 have created interest from many areas, the saying ‘real designers write their own code, always have, always will’ is still very true.


  • Arguably the most powerful web development tool as it gives you a complete package.
  • The new Javascript libraries that have emerged in the past 5-7 years have means Javascript now has a bigger impact than ever before.
  • Rated No.1 as the most popular programming language 3 years in a row by the Stack Overflow development survey.
  • Numerous Javascript libraries like Node.js, Angular JS and React are amongst the most popular and highest paying technologies according to the same survey.
  • The use of Javascript not only improves the overall structure of a website but also has a major impact on its performance.


  • JQuery is another Javascript library that plays a big role in website development and the overall quality of a website. JQuery adds further weight to Javascript’s impact on web development.
  • The biggest impact of JQuery over other Javascript libraries is that even if Javascript is turned off for a browser, with JQuery the website is still visible.
  • Other advantages with JQuery include its clean codes and low loading time, which improves performance without impacting the functionalities on the website.
  • A big reason why Javascript is so popular is because of JQuery and its impact.


  • The most important feature of PHP is the ease with which it integrates with other web development languages, especially HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Being a server side programming language, PHP takes care of the technical dimensions of web development, something that HTML and CSS are not capable of doing.
  • More than 80% of websites in the world are coded in PHP. That’s why PHP is ever present in lists of the most popular programming languages.
  • Even though PHP is no longer the only server side language available to web developers, but it still remains the most prominent one. JavaScript and Node.js don’t quite live up to the same standard.


  • With databases such a prominent element of website functionality, query languages such as MySQL are both a necessity and an asset.
  • Primarily because of this, SQL stands as the second most popular programming language in the world after Javascript.
  • SQL gives structure to a website’s data while also making the website organized and cohesive.

Why is Javascript such an important aspect of web development?

Javascript’s seamless integration with programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS and others ensures that the overall web development set-up works with ease. Adding to that, Javascript has a very low loading time and unlike other languages, does not impact the performance of the system. New Javascript libraries are not just effective but immensely powerful and performance savvy. Node Js, Angular, React and numerous others are already making heads turn and giving the established programming languages (like PHP) a run for their money.

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