Top 5 Programming Languages Used In Web Development

Web Development! It is a phrase that excites some and scares others. We’re going to walk you through the top 5 programming languages used in web development so you’ll know which languages you’ll need to know to get started. We’ll talk about all the programming languages that help a developer in designing a website and adding functionality to the designs. Let’s have a detailed look at the main web development languages and how they stand when compared to each other.

1. HTML5

It is amusing that a lot of people would skip the option of having HTML in their list of programming languages essential to become a web developer, even after knowing that without the use of HTML, it would have been impossible for other more equipped languages to reach the level that they have reached today. We know HTML is a scripting language and not a programming language itself, but it has to be included on this list. If you know HTML, learning the basics of all the other web development tools would be a cup of tea. In fact, HTML 5, the recent addition to the HTML family, is itself very equipped and potent for assisting web development activities.

2. Javascript

Even though not a major player, Javascript, through its frameworks and recent additions has transformed into something that goes way beyond outputting alert statements on the browser. Node.js has given a major boost to Javascript’s stature as a web development language. Javascript also combines well with other web development languages and therefore, it comes as no surprise that Javascript stands tall right at the top in the popularity charts on Github projects for web development languages.

Did you know?
Contrary to the belief that Javascript is not a major player among web development languages, a survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2015 shows that Javascript is actually the most used programming language, slotting ahead of Java and PHP.


3. PHP

The power of PHP is exhibited in numerous websites operating with great response and appreciation on the World Wide Web. Given that PHP and HTML together work with great cohesion and give excellent results, it is only fair that PHP follows its partner in crime in the list. The fact that world’s most common eCommerce platform, Magneto has been written in PHP, speaks volumes about the utility of this language in web development.

Did You Know?
More than 75% of the top websites use PHP as their server side programming language. Like they say, stats never lie.


4. Java

It is popular, it is loved and it is useful. Presenting, Java, the open source programming languages that has added new dimensions to programming as a whole. Sun Microsystems gave us Java with the promise that the programming language will emerge as a game-changer for programmers and looking back, Java surely has delivered on those promises. It has numerous modules that aid web development and since it is not platform dependent, using Java and deploying Java applications becomes all the more easier.

Did you Know?
Even though PHP is, by a wide margin, the most used server side programming language, it is amusing that when it comes to websites that attract high traffic, Java and Javascript are the clear winners. While around 82% of websites with JAVA as their server side language attract high traffic, the value drops to below 15% for websites having PHP as their server side language.



5. Python

The biggest reason you should learn the Python programming language over other programming languages is that it is arguably the easiest to learn and write code in. Python’s diverse packages and its interface that allows third party packages give all the more utility to Python. Python is also used extensively as a scripting language thus proving its worth in the web development foray.

We added two more languages below, because we thought they needed to be in this list.

6. .NET

Microsoft came up with the .NET framework in 2000 and even though it is used primarily for systems running on Windows, that restriction is compensated by .NET’s application in scientific, research level and academic fields. Windows App Development has added another notable armor in .NET’s illustrious cabin, and has given the language standing ground amongst the web development languages.

7. Ruby

The reason why everyone is why the Ruby programming language has been gaining admirers exponentially in the past few years is its ease of use and high utility in creative software and designs with ease and perfection. Ruby is similar to Python in its simplicity and Pearl for its programmer friendly interface, so it won’t be wrong to say that Ruby, in many ways, is a blend of the qualities of Python and Pearl.

Which Programming Language Should I Choose?

No matter which language you end up choosing, you can be sure you’ll have a steady wage and more importantly, a promising career path. And if you’re not sure which language to choose, our online help guide to which programming language should I choose is a great place to start.

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