Stone River eLearning – An Alternative To Udemy

If you’re looking for an alternative to Udemy for taking fully self-paced online courses, take a look at Stone River eLearning as an option.

Why Would Someone Need an Alternative to Udemy?

alternative to udemy
Udemy offer thousands of courses from hundreds of different authors, so finding an alternative to Udemy may not seem like a good idea, but consider this – Stone River eLearning offers around 100 IT Certification courses that carry real weight in the jobs marketplace. You can actually further your career or prepare yourself for a new job. Udemy does not offer that, and no other alternative to Udemy offers that either.

We don’t pretend that we’ll ever offer the variety of courses that Udemy does, and Udemy is a really great place to take online courses, but we have some real benefits that make us a good alternative to Udemy.

Alternative to Udemy’s Pricing Model

In early 2015, Stone River eLearning decided to reduce prices across their entire catalog to about 25% of their previous prices. Our thinking is that most students don’t want to sign up for a newsletter and wait until they are sent a discount coupon in order to afford over-priced courses (to make the discounts seem like a great deal).

Typical pricing for IT Certification courses is as follows:

Typical course fee: $199 – $399
Stone River eLearning course fee: $37

Typical course bundle fee: $699 to $1,499
Stone River eLearning course bundle fee: $97

These prices are real and are in effect every day. Do searches for these courses and you’ll see the difference in pricing is huge. No more waiting for coupon codes. Simply go out and get the IT Certification course you need whenever you need it.

An Alternative to Udemy Course Completion Certificates

Guarantee SealAt this point Udemy offers only Udemy-provided certificates that bring you no real value in the workforce. Stone River eLearning is committed to offering the lowest prices on valuable, industry recognized IT Certification courses with test prep materials included. We feel strongly that anyone should be able to get the IT Certifications they need to get a job or further their career.

Alternative to Udemy in Web Development

Stone River eLearning started in 2011 by offering web development courses, so our catalog is extensive in that area. Trust me, whatever you need to learn in web development you can learn at Stone River eLearning, which is another reason it’s a good alternative to Udemy.

Stone River eLearning offers over 400 courses in these categories:it certification courses

  • IT certifications (industry recognized and official)
  • Programming
  • Web development
  • Game development
  • Web design
  • App development
  • Art and design
  • Photography and video
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship


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