HTML Text Editor Tutorial with Stone River eLearning

A lot of people, especially beginners in HTML, have doubts regarding the text editors and how to use text editors for writing HTML codes. Text Editors provides the space where a user can write the codes for his HTML document. Running this document in the web browser gives the web page that the user intends to create.

How to create an HTML document in a text editor?

Creating an HTML in a text editor is easy. All you need to do is, open the text editor, write the code in the space provided, save it by a “.html” extension and then open the file in the web browser.  However; it is not creating an HTML document, but choosing a text editor that creates dilemma in the minds of young programmers. Therefore, in this blog post, we will discuss about text editors and choosing a text editor.

Which is the best text editor?

There was a time when Notepad was the most used text editor and beginners in web development and HTML had to bear the pain of writing their code on the plain and dull white screen of Notepad. With no numbering of lines and no in built functionalities, writing the HTML code and debugging was quite a difficult process. However; with time, text editors have seen some great changes and now text editors like Notepad++, ConText and Sublime Text are some of the text editors that have contributed in making the overall process of writing a code and building an application fun and interesting. However, classing one text editor over others would be unfair because they are all effective in their own way. Therefore, selecting a text editor depends on the choice and the comfort of the programmer.

The other major upgrade that text editors have received is the edits and modifications that you can do to the text. Now creating an HTML document is not only about writing the text on the window, but you can also customize it by selecting your own settings. You can change the background colour, font size, font style, font colour and other changes. As explained in the video tutorial for Komodo text editor, one can customize the settings in his text editor and make it look more attractive and interesting. The steps to customize the text editors are:

  1. Go to the PREFERENCES menu
  2. Select Fonts and Colours from the list of menus.
  3. In the window that appears, one can make alterations to the font and other settings.

Thus, using the text editors, one can make writing HTML codes in a document all the more interesting and amusing. So select the text editor of your choice and start creating your HTML document, in a way that you enjoy.



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