4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Docker to Deliver Applications

The Google Go (golang) programming language was used as the basis for Docker from the start due to Go’s outstanding performance and reliability. Golang is still gaining traction due to Google using it as the basis for other large projects, namely the godoc document server and Google’s download server, dl.google.com. Google Go is currently being used across a broad spectrum of programs and apps including databases, distributed computing and games. It’s most common uses currently are with servers, virtual machines and web apps.

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Why Should I Use Docker?

If you order a pizza from your favorite restaurant and they deliver dough, sauce and cheese you could make a good pizza out of it. You would certainly prefer them to put everything together and cook it for you though, right?

Google’s Go programming language is capable of delivering great results on its own, but it’s just the ingredients. For a user that is expecting a lightweight, secure and high performance application creation and delivery solution Docker is simply easier to use and more efficient. Docker is the cooked pizza delivered to you ready to eat. Docker is the perfect example of taking the best out of a programming language and bringing it to a whole new level.

What are the key features of Docker?

1. Agility

Developers can sometimes be anxious about the choosing the right development tools for a job. With Docker developers need not fear. Docker, through its flexibility and high performance insures that users can create and deploy their applications at lightening pace. IT operations can also benefit by the flexibility of Docker as implementing changes gets easier than ever.

2. Control

No one likes restrictions, and the creators of Docker understand that. Docker gives developers the control to implement and optimize their processes quickly and easily. This level of control has attracted many new users to Docker.

3. Portability

Whether you want to use Docker personally on your laptop, for an entire team of developers, deploy it for the developer community or put it on the cloud, Docker gives unparalleled accessibility to its users through its highly portable access.

4. Security

Docker ensures that it provides great security to all the users and their networks. Your data is secure, your processes are fast and you have full control over how and where you use it.

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