3 Great Ways That Online Learning Could Help Your Career and Business

The internet is leading a revolution in the way people learn, it’s opening up possibilities to the busiest people, as well as those who have no access to a teacher or course. You can now learn at your own pace at home, by utilizing one of the many online courses that are now available. But what courses will actually help advance your career or business? Here are three hand picked courses from our catalogue that will specifically help you.

Information Technology Certification

Most employers now feel that some basic knowledge of information technology is a prerequisite of employment, and it’s difficult to see how you could progress in most careers without any. Gaining a certificate of accomplishment in information technology can only help you in your career, and is a must for anybody who has decided to start a business on his or her own.

Stone River Course Recommendation: Cisco CCNA (200-120) Online Certification Course

Web Development


Not only will web development help you if you own a business and want to control your own website, it will also enhance your prospects of landing a job and getting promotions. Most companies now require a web presence, and, if they are not encouraging current employees to learn the art to do the work for them, they are employing people who already have the knowledge.

Web design will become more and more important as the internet use increases to help the public and companies to find the service or goods they require; and it will be something that employers will be looking for in the skill set of their employees.

Stone River Course Recommendation: 17 Course Web Development Bundle

Graphic Design

Designer drawing a light bulb, concept for brainstorming and inspiration

We live in an image conscious world; one where appearances mean everything. From the texture of your suit, to the design of your company’s logo, the look is everything. By taking an online graphic design course, you will learn how to use type, space, image and colour, to your best advantage and also that of the company. Courses that combine Education & Technology can help you take control of the creativity within your own business, as well as help to find you employment in a job where your creative side will be appreciated

Education is such an important thing for those who want to progress in life, and it should not be denied to people simply because they have other commitments. The development of the technology that revolves around the internet has made education available 24 hours a day wherever you are (connection allowing), and is seen as a blessing by many thousands of grateful students; and long may it continue.

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